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Oct 15, Messages: As the oldest top girl group of gen 3 there has been no actual dating controversy.

Red Velvet’s Irene Rumored to be Dating EXO’s SeHun or Simon Dominic

This is very surprising as they near their 4th year. Red Velvet gets followed everywhere, by sasaengs, paparazzis and others.

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May 26, Messages: Mar 21, Messages: It was a fairly popular thing People even gathered "evidence" lol. Apr 16, Messages: A professional Chen hoe: Though she tried to pretend she had experience, the small lie detector toy revealed the truth.

Red Velvet's Irene Rumored to be Dating EXO's SeHun or Simon Dominic • Kpopmap

I do want the person to come with great manners though. And I want someone whose smile shows what a good person he is.

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I never had the chance to date. When I go out to see the flowers, I see a lot of couples.

It makes me kind of angry. In the past, Yeri openly shared that her one and only ideal type is actor Jo In Sung. In various interviews, she showed her love for the handsome actor and said she watched all his shows ever since she was young. Yeri actually has a long and complicated list of traits she wishes to see in her future boyfriend.

Their relationship finished when her boyfriend had gone to college and begun a new life. Yeri is the youngest member of the group. Some netizens left disparaging and also sexual remarks.

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It was disgusting, the singer was shocked. Yeri is only 17 years old, she is very naive and innocent girl, she did not expect such comments.

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Yeri just asked followers that she is not only a celebrity, she is also an ordinary female student of a high school. Irene In April netizens revealed some rummor about Irene. He wished Seulgi does not become too famous.