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If you could actually get to the rather isolated Dinotopia, this would easily be the most breathtaking date opportunity on an already unbelievable island.

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Go zip-lining or paragliding! Our last, and possibly most charming date location is the castle of Highgarden, from George R. However, Highgarden is in the beautiful southern breadbasket of Westeros, and has been untouched by the horrors of the rest of the series. But, not like, too educational. Katie Hires is a book lover, pop culture nerd, and graphic designer.


When she's not researching Game of Thrones fan theories, she's either reading or at home making pasta. Ever wonder what books your favorite authors are reading? Martin shares his three.

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Levine Books botanical garden date spots Dating dating ideas in books dinotopia Dover Publications fictional date locations fictional dates Game of Thrones George R. This fake auction website is at the same time lazy, poorly-constructed and completely lacking in payoff. It would be easy to mistake this page for Weyland Industries as an actual business' homepage Not ominous or foreboding at all Well, in all their bliss, they must have accidentally set their GoDaddy account to auto-pay, because the website is still online. You know what, now that I think about it, maybe they left it online for historical preservation.

There are many things at which young Walter Jr. Web design, however, is not one of them. The page he made to solicit donations for his father's cancer treatment. The only way a website that sorry-looking would see any action is if somebody was laundering money directly through it. Our nation's next purge is right around the corner. Make sure you have all your collectible t-shirts and soda koozies ready to commemorate America's neatest little tradition! The Stark Expo is the premiere venue for the world's most powerful minds to debut cutting-edge technology.

The website for the Expo is still online, but hasn't been updated since just before the event was scheduled to begin.

I wonder what happened there that day Who came back in , the show's producers wanted to make a huge splash. It's all more of that fun stuff, with little videos and blog posts Heck, one of the books even debuted as a 1 New York Times bestseller! What's that sound you hear?

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It's the sound of every unpublished, struggling novelist weeping while ripping up their diploma. In the weeks leading up to the release of 's Forgetting Sarah Marshall , billboards started popping up all over, advertising a peculiar hate blog.

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Since going to Hawaii, it appears this Peter guy has mellowed out, but for a while there, he really didn't like Sarah Marshall. This one's a little scary.

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It looks so authentic that, if you didn't already know that this was a movie tie-in site, you'd find all the information about the virus from Rise of the Planet of the Apes to be deeply concerning. This site may not look like much, but Dr. Watson's blog from Sherlock is actually an incredibly entertaining read. There are dozens of posts written in character by the good doctor, with "comments" underneath each one from other characters on the show. Why waste your time reading the mundane musings of your friends, when you could read the mundane musings of people on TV?

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Some fear that the company's extraction of the special ingredient from the ocean's floor might anger any creatures living down there, but who cares about them? Oscar Bluth has a tough life. Everyone keeps mistaking him for his brother, George Personally, though, I'm still not convinced. I mean, he looks a lot like George. This has got to be the crown jewel of in-universe websites.