Dating my daughter memes

For some idiotic reason, folks are missing the point that these memes are jokes; exaggerated caricatures of fathers wanting to protect inexperienced teenage girls who are generally speaking wrapped up in romantic ideals and fairy-tale notions.

Rules for dating my daughter !

As the rest of us know; very few people actually behave the way these memes portray. For that daddy blogger and any others who struggle with this topic, here are some points to consider: Dad trusted me to do the right thing, and then he empowered me to be able to make good choices by teaching me what to say, what options I had in certain situations, and if all else failed, where to strike if I needed to. He did that so I would never feel or be defenseless just because I was on my own.

Instead, I feel important, precious, and worth protecting. I also felt confident that Dad had my back if things ever went sideways.

You know who did? You know why fathers do and say these things? I just wanna see if he's worthy of dating my daughter.

A Mom's Reply to "Rules for Dating my Daughter"

Its up the stairs and on your right. Are you alright in there?

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Something just didn't sit right. I told Mom to stop putting anthrax in it when blacks came over. You sure your OK?


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